Welcome to the First Regional Gif Festival - GIFEST!

Call to the second regional festival of gifs - GIFEST2

This year's second festival of gifs – GIFEST 2, shall be held in June in Subotica. As last year, GIFEST festival aims to gather authors engaged in this visual form and enable them perform their works. Theme of this year's festival: "Chaos is eternal" Organizers invite all authors to apply with their works until 05/15/2014.


Technical requirements: 640x480 pix, resolution 72, each gif has to be composed of at least two frames, loop duration max 10 sec.

There are no limitations in the sense of contents and format of Gif. Any type, from abstract to engaged one is allowed and theme is CHAOS IS ETERNAL

Each author can submit up to 3 works.


Participation in the festival is free and open to everyone. Submitted gif must be original work of the author who is sending it. Authors – participants agree to have their works published on the festival website and facebook.

Required information with gif:

- title of the work

- name of the author

- state and town of author's residence

- author's age and occupation

- phone number and e-mail

Gifs ought to be sent in the e-mail attachment

Works are to be sent on contest@gifestsubotica.com

All additional information you may find on info@gifestsubotica.com

Works that fulfill all required conditions are going to be performed in official selection of GIFEST 2, 2014 that shall be held in Subotica, at Aleksandar Lifka movie theater.